Bald MountainSerra Pelada

Official Selection – Rio International Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection – Ottawa International Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection – Festival du Cinéma Brésilien de Paris, 2013

Bald Mountain is a modern-day gangster film set during a famous gold rush. Made famous by the black-and-white images taken by photographer Sebastiao Salgado, Serra Pelada represents the highest concentration of manual labour since the pyramids of Egypt. The Brazilian gold rush, southeast of the Amazon, saw approximately 120,000 people chasing their dreams of wealth. This epic feature follows two friends who leave Rio de Janeiro in search of gold: one, an ex-boxer turned gangster, corrupted by greed and power; the other, a man whose only ambition is to make enough money to return home to his pregnant wife.

Preceded by NZ short film, Honk if You’re Horny


2012 |11 mins | Directed by Joe Lonie
An enigmatic young musician becomes the captive audience for a crusty old cab driver’s dirty story on the taxi ride from hell!


2013 | 100 MIN | ACTION, DRAMA

“Syncopated in its editing, with a Scorsese-like voice over… Bald Mountain is a fast-cut, epic tale of friendship and greed set in the early ‘80s Amazon at one of the biggest hell-on-earth open pit mines in the world” – John Hopewell, Variety

DIRECTOR: Heitor Dhalia
EDITORS: Márcio Hashimoto Soares
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Lito Mendes da Rocha
MUSIC: Antonio Pinto
PRODUCTION: Tatiana Quintella, Heitor Dhalia, Wagner Moura


Sat 26 April 8.30pm
Tue 29 April 8.00pm
Wed 30 April 2.15pm
Fri 2 May 8.30pm

Sat 10 May 8.30pm
Tue 13 May 8.00pm
Wed 14 May 2.00pm
Fri 16 May 6.00pm

Fri 23 May 8.15pm
Sat 24 May 4.20pm