Best Film, Actor, Soundtrack & Critics award Gramado International Film Festival, 2013
Best, Film Actor, Audience Award Rio International Film Festival
Best Film, Director, Actor Punta del Este International Film Festival


Winning all the major prizes at the recent Rio Festival, the story takes place at the tail-end of Military dictatorship, where a group of artists who begin to challenge power and moral conventions surface. The Star-Spangled Floor are an anarchist theatre group with subversive and avant-garde cabaret shows practicing political resistance through anarchy and mockery. The group refer to themselves as the “Moulin Rouge of the outskirts, the Broadway of the poor, the Studio 54 of the slums”. “Loose and ebullient, Tattoo sees worlds collide as the omnisexual leader of the troupe falls in love with an 18-year-old soldier serving Brazil’s military dictatorship. With a gender-blurred atmosphere of glitter, nudity and impudence right out of The Cockettes, the features primary club setting establishes a tenor both transgressive and innocent.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

2013 | 110 mins | DRAMA, COMEDY, LGBT

“A chaotic, melancholy homage to alternative theater that fizzes with the spirit of period transgression” – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

DIRECTOR: Petra Costa
EDITOR: Marilia Moraes, Tina Baz
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Janice D’avila, Will Etchebehere, Miguel Vassy
MUSIC: Vitor Araújo, Fil Pinheiro, Maggie Hastings Clifford, Gustavo Ruiz
PRODUCTION: Petra Costa, Julia Bock, Daniela Santos


Sun 27 April 8.00pm
Thu 1 May 6.15pm
Sun 4 May 6.00pm

Sun 11 May 8.15pm
Sun 18 May 6.00pm

Sat 24 May 9.00pm