The DognapperMato Sem Cachorro

Official Selection, Rio International Film Festival

Deco, a shy and stroppy music nerd, falls for the self-assured Zoé after almost running over Guto, a narcoleptic puppy who faints every time he gets too excited. After a hot and cold two-year relationship, Zoé, a radio presenter, dumps Deco and returns to her high school sweetheart, Fernando, who has struck success in the dog grooming industry. Deco, outraged, tries to take control of the situation and, with the help of his cousin, sets about trying to get his dog Guto back. Set in the idyllic Rio landscape, this joyous feature is bound to draw laughter from the audience as it pokes fun of the cultural behaviour of the Rio de Janeiro’s inhabitants, and the awkward situations they find themselves in.

Preceded by NZ short film, I’m Going to Mum’s


2013 | 12 mins | Directed by Lauren Jackson
Jacob’s parents dress him funny. Stuck in the middle of a fresh divorce, he takes drastic fashion action to make himself heard.

2013 | 122 min | COMEDY, ROMANCE

“The Dognapper can be proud to be part of a group of comedies with an engaging and cohesive script” – Ravi Santana, BR Cine

DIRECTOR: Pedro Amorim
EDITORS: Pedro Amorim, Natara Ney
MUSIC: Rica Amabis, Tejo Damasceno
PRODUCTION: Malu Miranda, Eliane Ferreira, Lili Nogueira


Fri 25 April 6.15pm
Mon 28 April 2.00pm
Wed 30 April 5.30pm*
Sat 3 May 2.00pm

Fri 9 May 6.00pm
Mon 12 May 6.00pm
Mon 12 May 8.00pm
Sat 17 May 1.30pm

Thu 22 May 1.00pm
Sat 24 May 6.30pm
* Part of the Railto Cinemas Films for Foodies sessions. Ticket includes a glass of wine, nibbles & a Foodie gift bag.

Admission: $35 ($33 for Rialto Club members)
Function starts 5.30pm. Fillm starts 6.15pm